How to use TBP Avatar Briefs

The worldwide COVID pandemic forced gym owners and coaches to get creative in delivering workouts and staying connected to members when they weren’t physically in front of you.

Zoom classes and personal training sessions, renting out equipment, setting members up with customized coaching and accountability buddies were all some of the top options used.

As you all know, this required a TON of extra work writing personal workouts depending on how much time someone had, what equipment they had access to, the weather outside, their mood, personal goals, etc.  

This is how and why we came up with the avatar briefs you see included in every Two Brain Programming workout, to make your lives easier and allow you to concentrate on customizing an experience and building relationships!  

So how did we decide on the three avatars? If you do quarterly goal reviews with members (If you aren’t doing this, start now!), you generally hear three common goals:

  1.  I want to lose weight and tone up
  2. I want to get stronger and build muscle mass
  3. I want to be healthy and feel good.

Ta-da! Our three avatars, Weight Loss, Increase Strength, and General Health and Fitness.  

So how do you take and utilize these briefs within your classes? Let’s use everyone’s favorite benchmark, “Fran” as an example with three of your members Tom (Wants to increase strength), Jim (Wants to lose weight), and Tina (Wants to maintain her current physique and strength).

Let’s start with Tom. You know that Tom already has a 3-minute RX Fran time, and his main goal is getting stronger. First, look at the strength-based avatar brief. It may say something like, “I want you to focus on maximizing muscle breakdown today by making sure you go unbroken on the Thrusters and doing a max set of strict pull-ups, finishing out each set with kipping pull-ups.”

Jim wants to lose weight; here is what his brief might look like, “I want your focus to be ongoing as fast as you possibly can today, choosing a weight that allows you to go unbroken on the Thrusters and opting for jumping pull-ups today (Assuming he can’t do pull-ups) to increase the heart rate even more with the added jumping component.”

Tina, who wants to look and feel good, might look like this. “Fran is one of those workouts that no matter how many times you’ve done it, we always get those butterflies! If the last time you did Fran you finished in under 4 minutes scaled, I want you to increase the weight of the thrusters today and shoot for no more than two sets. Since you are just starting to string together pull-ups, I want you to stick with those, but cut the volume to 12-9-6.”

Right there, you have the same classic CrossFit benchmark workout with three very different stimuli depending on your member’s goals. Avatar briefs allow your coaches to focus on building relationships and gaining your members’ trust, rather than worrying about who can go the fastest on “Fran.”  

Most importantly, it shows that you are listening to them and want to be a part of their success!

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